Irish Made: You Haven't LIVED Until You've Tried White Mausu Peanut Rayu

By Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

November 23, 2019 at 3:28pm


No dish is complete without a drizzle, dunk or drown.

Sauce, condiments, dressings and dips are my jam.

They add a bit of sexiness to a boring dish with a burst of flavour. In all my years, however, there are few that I have come across that would lead me to dedicate an entire article to them.

About a year ago, I visited The Bakery by The Cupcake Bloke in Rialto and he introduced me to a magical jar of peanut rayu.

Say hello to White Mausu!

Made with love in Dublin, this devastatingly delicious recipe fuses Japanese and Chinese flavours to give a kick to any dish.


One of the reasons I love it is that it's super versatile. You can mix it with veg or salad, add it to stir frys, load it on a steak and even dollop it on your eggs and avo for brunch.

Made from peanuts, sesame, honey, crispy garlic, Korean chilli flakes, salt, tamari, sunflower oil, it's so fricken tasty, you have to try it.


This should be a staple in every Irish household.

Have you tried it?