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04th Feb 2020

You can get Nutella Wings in this Galway restaurant for a limited time only

Darragh Murphy

Nutella Wings

Nutella Wings – a wild concept so intriguing that we simply have to give them a go.

Nutella Wings are exactly what they sound like – a combination of chicken wings and the famous hazelnut cocoa spread – and they will be available to buy at The Chili Shack in Galway for a limited time starting tomorrow, which just so happens to be World Nutella Day.

It’s not as simple as lathering chicken wings in Nutella, however, as the combo consists of sauteed shallots, fennel seeds and brown sugar in an emulsion of butter, ketchup, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, Nutella and The Chili Shack’s signature habanero hot sauce. The wings are seasoned with salt and pepper, tossed in sesame seeds and served up with some fresh chilli.

Nutella Wings

Available to buy for a limited time of two weeks, the Nutella Wings come with a side of fries at the cost of €9 and can be ordered in the restaurant or via Deliveroo.

Commenting on the collaboration, Raymond Curry at The Chili Shack said: “When Deliveroo approached us about the idea we were intrigued about how the flavours would work together.

“We spent some time working on the Nutella marinade until we hit the sweet spot between the chili and smooth and nutty chocolate. Wings are the perfect sharing dish so come on down and try for yourself!”

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