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25th Jan 2022

Celebrate Irish Coffee day with this recipe from Slane Distillery

Fiona Frawley

close up of two irish coffees in glasses being held up above a bar table, on which sits a bottle of Slane Whiskey

A moment of appreciation for Irish Coffee for the day that’s in it, please.

There’s nothing like cosying up by a pub fire, watching in anticipation as the bartender carefully spoons the whipped cream atop your warming tipple. After you’ve gotten the courage up to actually ask them for one, that is. Always has scared the bejaysus out of me – I’m forever ready to anxiously blurt “absolutely no worries if not” if it seems like it could be the slightest inconvenience to prepare. Just me?

Luckily, whipping up a boozy brew appears to be no hassle at all for Barry Farrell, Resident Bartender at Slane Distillery. He’s been kind enough to provide us with this delicious Irish coffee recipe for anyone looking to enjoy one at home this evening.

– A double shot of espresso

– 15ml vanilla syrup
– 40ml whiskey
– Boiling Water
– 3 tablespoons of lightly whipped cream

– 1 teaspoon dark orange chocolate shavings

Brew your double espresso of choice. Then add 15ml of vanilla-infused syrup and 40ml of whiskey to the glass. Stir all the elements together and top up with boiling water. Depending on the size of your glass, remember to leave enough space for a nice topping of whipped cream.
A common mistake is over whipping the cream for an Irish Coffee. It should just be whipped lightly so it can be poured over a spoon to create the topping. Then add a sprinkle of dark orange chocolate shavings on top for a sweet finish, sit back and enjoy!
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Header image via Instagram/slanewhiskey