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02nd Nov 2021

Remember the Flanders hot chocolate from The Simpsons Movie? You can now get it for real!

Katy Thornton

There’s not one person who saw that movie who did not crave this.

We have been dreaming about this hot chocolate ever since The Simpsons Movie released in 2007. Ned Flanders set a bar for hot chocolate that has been near impossible to reach, until now. The Martello in Bray rose to the challenge, and have created the hot chocolate to perfection. It’s kind of spooky how uncanny the resemblance is.

The Martello posted to their TikTok account (@themartellobray) to show how they make it and we are thoroughly impressed. Finally our childhood dream of drinking this hot chocolate has come to life, and there’s no Ned Flanders in sight. Or is there?

Well, you now know where you need to check out for the perfect winter drink. We’re guessing it’s like a hug in a mug.

If only we had a tree to drink it in like Bart.

Header images via TikTok/themartellobray

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