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11th Dec 2019

Boojum has released a ‘burrito addict’ selection box and we want one ASAP

Sarah Finnan

Burritos aren’t just a food, they’re a way of life.

Get them deconstructed, in bowl form, or wrapped snugly in a warm flour tortilla -either way they’re delicious. A fact that us Irish folk are well aware of, considering the unwavering popularity of Boojum.

A casual Mexican burrito bar, they arrived on the scene back in 2007 and have been delighting the nation ever since.

With a focus on tasty, authentic cuisine, the menu has changed little since opening…they do little, but they do it well.

Boojum addicts come in all shapes and sizes with even the likes of Rory McIlroy counting himself amongst their devoted enthusiasts.

Now hopping aboard the festive bandwagon, the guys have released their very own Christmas ‘burrito addict’ selection box.

Comprising three hot sauces – The Valentina Salsa Picante, the Cholula Original Hot Sauce and the Yucateca Jalapeno Hot Sauce, the box also includes the extremely popular ‘Boojum addict’ t-shirt.

If you’ve always dreamed of attaining a coveted ‘boojum addict’ t-shirt but haven’t quite managed to eat your way into one yet, fear not as this is your lucky day.

One of the most sought-after items, second only to their famous burritos, this is the first time that the t-shirt is available for purchase with it usually only going to customers with 40 stamps on their loyalty cards.

Considered ‘the holy grail’ for dedicated patrons, the chain has decided to make the garments available for purchase due to continuous demand from customers.

The ‘burrito addict’ selection box is available to buy in stores, in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the selection box retails at €25 with the option of adding a voucher as well.

Perfect for all you spice-loving burrito fiends.

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