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17th Oct 2017

Nando’s Is Adding Two New Delish Vegetarian Dishes To Their Menu


If you’re a fan of a ‘cheeky‘ Nando’s and already love their Beanie Burger, you’ll be delighted to hear that the restaurant chain are adding two new veggie dishes to their menu.

Nando’s is popular for its Portuguese style chicken dishes and peri-peri marinades, but if you’re a vegetarian or looking for something different to try their two new additions sound pretty yum.

They will soon be serving a ‘Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger’ and a ‘Supergreen Burger’, and you can also get them in a pitta bread or wrap.

Our mouths are watering…

The ‘Sweet Potato & Butternut Burger’ is made up of sweet potato, butternut, red pepper, onion and edamame beans, while the ‘Supergreen Burger’ is combined of everything from broccoli to edamame beans to kale.

And the great news is that they will both be available in Irish locations.

Which one tickles your fancy? 

header image: NandosUK/Twitter

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