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13th Jul 2023

Guinness named most popular beer in America in recent survey

Fiona Frawley

Our national stout nabbed the top spot after Bud Light sales plunged this year.

Guinness has been named as the most popular beer in America in a recent rating by YouGov.

The stout achieved a popularity rating of 58%, successfully beating out Corona (53%), Heineken (51%) and Samuel Adams (49%). Guinness was found to be disliked by only 9% of people, with 25% of people saying they were neutral towards the Irish export.

This might be surprising to some, particularly if you’ve been to the States recently – it’s unlikely you’d have seen more than one or two Guinness drinkers amidst the sea of golden, frothy lagers at any given bar. But YouGov Ratings insists it is built upon accurate and precise methodology, which the Pew Research Center says “consistently outperformed” other online polling companies.

Their most recent data, which saw Guinness come out on top was based on 1553 nationally representative interviews of the US population, collected during Q2 of this year.

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The result could be connected to a controversial Bud Light boycott in the States, which happened after the beer teamed up with trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney for a marketing campaign. The original intention was to boost sales among a younger, broader audience of drinkers.

After the partnership, a number of conservative personalities such as Travis Tritt, Kid Rock, and Ben Shapiro called for the boycott of Bud Light. The boycott has been condemned by the likes of radio personality Howard Stern, country musician Zach Bryan and Garth Brooks, who said that his bar would continue to serve Bud Light products, and that he believes in “inclusiveness” and “diversity”.

The full results of the YouGov consumer survey are available right here.

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