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14th Dec 2023

Irish consumers have already purchased 1 million mince pies this festive season

Fiona Frawley

mince pies irish lidl

If you break that down, it’s only 5 mince pies per bloke per day.

Cupboards in Irish households have been steadily filling up with the Few Bits For The Christmas™ throughout December. The fizzy orange that’s not to be touched til the 25th. The box of Taytos you’re warned to stay away from til Christmas sandwich assembly gets underway on Stephen’s Day. Along with, apparently, over 1 million mince pies.

According to research shared by Lidl Ireland, Irish consumers have already purchased over 1 million mince pies from Lidl stores alone, making them the top-selling festive food for the retailer. 

Lidl revealed that sales of traditional festive food such as Christmas pudding, mince pies and cakes are up 300% over the past two years, with more shoppers opting locally made products from suppliers including Galway-based Foods of Athenry and Dublin’s Mannings Bakery.

Irish consumers have already purchased over 1 million mince pies from Lidl alone. Image via Lidl.

The pies du jour appear to be Lidl’s new Deluxe Premium Irish Whiskey and Pecan Mince Pies (€4.99), and the retailer also say they’ve sold more Christmas puddings in 2023 than ever before, while many have opted to don the aprons and prepare their festive desserts themselves. Baking product sales have increased by a quarter this Christmas and ingredients for mince pies and Christmas cakes rising to the top.

Meanwhile, more than 30,000 bottles from Lidl’s mulled wine range have already been popped – the majority having been sold in Cavan.

And for cheese lovers, the most popular fromage this year nationally has been Camembert from Normandy (€2.79) and Soft Cheese with Walnut (€2.69).

Header image via Lidl


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