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28th Jun 2023

Irish people’s average monthly spend on takeaway has been revealed

Fiona Frawley

irish takeaway spend

We don’t know about you, but we feel we’re spending WAY more than this.

Just Eat have launched their 2023 Takeaway & Food Delivery Report and the results are very interesting. Revealing a lot about Irish people’s takeaway habits, a number of key points immediately stand out.

Among the points is the amount of money the average Irish person spends on their takeaways each month.

According to the report, customers order a takeaway on average 2.9 times per month, spending around €46.49 in the process. If that feels slightly below your own figures, don’t worry, we’re sure you’re not alone.

The total annual expenditure on food delivery and takeaway orders in the Irish market is an estimated €2.2 billion without VAT, making it a significant contributor to Ireland’s overall GDP.

The report also noted that 91% of food orders are shared between more than two people, meaning that only 9% of people are solo orderers. While the figure for that looks quite low, this writer has definitely ordered enough food for a small family all for myself, so those numbers could be slightly skewed.

Grocery shopping deliveries on the rise.

The report noted that more and more people are getting their groceries delivered, with 23% having used a food delivery service to order groceries over the past year, spending €174.30 on average a month.

JustEat announced their intention to enter into the growing market, with it being a “key focus” for the company. They have spent the last year forging relationships with major supermarkets in order to offer more choice to their customers for grocery delivery.

Sustainability was also a focus of the report, with a third of customers saying they would take sustainable packaging into consideration when ordering food.

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