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06th Apr 2023

Popular sweet company founded by Cork influencer goes into liquidation

Fiona Frawley

Sweet King liquidation

Sweet King was founded in 2020 by prominent Cork influencer, Nathan Adams.

Irish confectionary company Sweet King has gone into liquidation following a special resolution to wind up earlier this year, the Examiner has reported.

The business was founded in 2020 by Cork-based influencer Nathan Adams who was 24 at the time, as the nations’ desire for comfort foods and treats increased in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Sweet King’s stock came from across Ireland, Belgium, the UK and Spain, with over 21 varieties for customers to choose from.

The business provided an online pick ‘n’ mix service, with sweets delivered to the customers’ door at a time when scooping up your own jellies with a communal shovel (or your hands, in some cases) definitely wasn’t an option.

As the country began to reopen, Sweet King also operated out of markets across Cork including the city’s popular Marina Market.

Image via Facebook/Sweet King

In 2021, Adams took over an 11,000 sq ft unit in Little Island, Co Cork, the former Xerox building, investing €100,000 across infrastructure and staff facilities. After a successful first year in business, the influencer had intended to more than double the company’s workforce, adding 25 additional personnel to its 23-person roster.

All posts have been deleted from Sweet Kings Instagram profile, which has some 80,000 followers, with the bio simply stating “changing owners.”

The company’s official website is no longer online, with a notice reading “we’ll be back soon.” Meanwhile, Sweet King’s Facebook page has been inactive for under a year.

Header image via Facebook/Sweet King 


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