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12th Jan 2018

This Drink Is Predicted To Be MASSIVE In 2018 – And It Sounds VILE


Some people like their tea with loads of milk, others with just a drop.

Many take a spoonful of sugar, while others prefer it unsweetened.

We get it. Everyone likes their tea a certain way, and that is perfectly fine – each to their own. 

However, when we saw that a trend involving the combination of tea and cheese was among Deliveroo’s top food trend predictions for 2018, we were gobsmacked.


Yes, you read it correctly. Cheese tea really is a thing.

According to Deliveroo it involves an iced-tea being topped off with a dollop of fluffy cream cheese mixture.

It can then be sweetened by adding sugar, or made a little bit savoury by using salt.


Now don’t get us wrong, we love a bit of cheese. But is it really necessary to partner it up with tea?

Surely not.

Now you’ll be glad to know that not all of the food company’s 2018 food trend predictions were as grotesque as that.

Also on the list were burritos, poke bowls, protein ice-cream and vegan dishes. 

It’s safe to say that we’ll more likely be tucking into a burrito rather than slugging on a cup of cheese tea this year… 

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