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25th Sep 2018

Five Places To Go In Waterford If You’re Coffee Obsessed


What did we do before coffee?

You’re always going to read articles that will tell you that you won’t be able to live without a certain product, but if you’re like me or Lorelai, the undisputed Gilmore Girls coffee queen and irrefutable leader of the coffee obsessed, then you’d probably agree that you just can’t live without coffee.

You just can’t. Hey, we all have our vices in life, right?

This list of coffee houses is my survival guide when I’m back home in the Déise for the weekend.

1. Arch Coffee

Arch Coffee revolutionised coffee in Waterford in my opinion.

While most people in Ireland will be familiar with 3fe coffee by now, these guys were one of the first to bring it Waterford.

First opening in the historical George’s Street location in a building over 150 years old, the guys have opened a second shop just up the road in Peter Street.

While the second location may be bigger, the intimate and cosy feeling is still an intrinsic part of Arch Coffee in Peter Street.

Recently, the guys teamed up with the excellent Momo Café and the bread connoisseurs in Seagull bakery to make bring their customers some of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted.

2. Grow HQ

While this place might be best known for it’s incredibly delicious and sustainable approach to food, the coffee alone is worth a visit.

I stopped in here after a walk with my Dad last Autumn, and we sat outside and drank our coffees. The outside seating area is right beside their vegetable plot, so you know exactly how little the food here has to travel to get to your place. Basically, fresh AF.

Grow HQ is situated on a busy road in Waterford, but if you sit outside, I promise you it’s the last thing you’ll notice.

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3. Moe’s Café

Going for a long walk along Tramore beach and heading to Moe’s café to warm my hands and my heart has become a sort of ritual of mine when I go home for the weekend.

I’ve always loved the beaches in Waterford, but now that I live away I appreciate them so much more. Having an Americano in Moe’s afterwards makes this outing my ideal Sunday with the family.

4. Hook & Ladder

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Another café that I love to swing by when I’m in Waterford is the Hook & Ladder.

It’s cute and cosy with a decor most of us would probably die for in our own kitchens.

I would definitely recommend one of their cappuccinos or lattes with one of their scones. They are bloody delicious. I had two when I was there last and I don’t regret a single glorious second of it.

5. Blackfriars Coffee

If you love music and good coffee, then this is the café for you. I am obsessed with music, so I love going somewhere where the music fits with the vibe they are trying to create.

This place nails it in my opinion.

3fe coffee is served in this fine establishment, so you really can’t go wrong with an Americano or an espresso.

Enjoy, my fellow caffeine fiends – may your coffee be plenty and your withdrawals be few.

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