Dough Bros successfully shipped their pizzas to 48 European countries last week

By Sarah Finnan

December 8, 2020 at 12:37pm


A longstanding favourite with locals, The Dough Bros has a reputation that precedes them and even the bigwigs have taken heed awarding them a coveted spot on the top 50 best pizzas in all of Europe

One Galway restaurant pulled off quite the impressive feat last week - successfully managing to get their pizzas to destinations in 48 countries across Europe.

You've heard of the phrase 'a piece of home', yes? Well, The Dough Bros went one better and made sure there was a slice of home - or rather several slices of home -in every country in Europe.

Pulling off what many others would deem impossible, the popular Galway pizzeria shipped their DIY gourmet pizza kits to 48 different countries including all of mainland Europe as well as Israel, Russia and Khazakstan. Those are the most well-travelled pizzas I've ever come across, to be honest.

Organised as part of the DHL European managements virtual Christmas party, the pizzas even got the seal of approval from the pizza masters over in Italy... they really know their stuff so getting their blessing means a lot.

Only launching the DIY kits during lockdown, they've already proven to be extremely successful with Galwegians and the wider Irish community, so sending the kits abroad seemed like the next logical step for the business and now that they've conquered Europe... who knows where's next?!

Commenting on the idea behind the kits, Ronan Greaney of Dough Bros said:

"The DIY Kits started with single orders to homes across Galway and from here, we started delivering to families and homes all across Ireland and it was so encouraging seeing pizza night becoming an event of the week for people.

"Now in the last month, really there has been a massive switch to businesses and corporates gifting these to their staff and to their clients. There will be no Christmas parties or work get-togethers this year, so it’s great to see that there can still be a way in which people can say thanks for what has been a very very tough year for everyone."

Anyone else seriously craving pizza now? I know I am.

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