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26th Oct 2021

Irish sex educator speaks of issues with Instagram when it comes to sex related content

Fiona Frawley

Jenny Keane, a trained holistic sex educator and sexual wellness coach informed her followers over the weekend that her account was under threat of being revoked.

Jenny’s account has over 50,000 followers, and is full of information for anyone with questions around healthy sexual experience. It’s a powerful platform and useful resource for anyone looking to access positive, inclusive sex education, so understandably Jenny felt it was important to discuss the issues around sex-related content on Instagram. Addressing her followers, Jenny wrote:

I have always known sex related content is not welcome on IG – this includes sex positive/educational content. Unfortunately there seems to be no way distinguish between adult content that is for wellbeing and education & adult content that is for something else.

In addition to this, Jenny shared that she had been notified that her account would be revoked from Monday, 25th of October.

As we write this, it’s Tuesday and luckily the account is still up and available to access, but the issues Jenny highlights surrounding sex related content on Instagram remain prevalent. As she points out, her account is full of information which has helped, inspired and supported so many people in a country with a checkered past when it comes to sex education.

You can find out more about Jenny and the work that she does in this catch up we had with her last year:

You can also sign up to her website and newsletter HERE.

Header image via Instagram/hellojennykeane

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