This is not a drill Jean and Otis's home from Sex Education is up for sale

By Emily Mullen

September 29, 2023 at 3:14pm


The Milburn's real-life address is now up for grabs

For Millennials dreams of home-ownership can take many forms and have now even oversplit into our methods of escapism, tv. Making houses like those featured in Netflix's comedy-drama Sex Education all the more coveted. Set on the outskirts of the mythical town of Moordale, the location is quite something, set on a height (as attested by shots of Otis cycling down that big hill) but partly set down into a valley overlooking a river. It's the kind of out-of-the-way oasis, that gets our isolationist hearts beating pretty fast.

Location is supremely important in the program, with a good chunk of the scenes set in the space which operates as a home and an office for Jean and a location for teenage angst for Otis. Spacious rooms, tastefully decorated, it's the kind of grown-up house you've always dreamed of owning.

While a lot of the show has largely been filmed in Wales, the buildings featured throughout the episodes often have a mid-Atlantic feel, all clap-board houses, verandas and paired back interiors. The property is in fact located in Symonds Yat East, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire. The feature property is set on a whopping 4.52 acres and boasts five bedrooms and three-bathrooms with three living areas, priced at a cool £1.5 million (€1,732,200).

Dubbed "The Chalet" the Norwegian-designed home was built in 1912 as a salmon fishing lodge, hence the proximity to the Wye Gorge below. The home’s official listing reads: "A most impressive Norwegian former fishing lodge, beautifully presented, situated in a spectacular wooded and hidden setting, with stunning views overlooking the Wye Gorge to the south and north.


"The Chalet was built in 1912 for use as a salmon fishing lodge and is of Norwegian design. The setting is quite exceptional with stunning views of the Wye Gorge from its completely hidden and wooded position. There is also pedestrian access from its grounds down to the River Wye. The property is approached over a very long in-and-out drive, through woodland. There are breathtaking views over the Wye River to the south and north from the interior and from the strategically built decked external balcony terraces."

This isn't the only programme the property has been featured on, having starred in Channel 4's Extraordinary Escapes not too long ago.

With Season 4 of Sex Education hitting the streaming service Netflix on September 21st, owners are putting the property on the market at juuust the right time.

Sound like a sound price? The spot is currently open for viewings for those with deeper pockets than me.

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