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27th Sep 2021

Sex Education will return for Season Four!

Katy Thornton

If you’ve already binged all of season three, this news will keep you going

Season Three of the awarding winning show aired only 10 days ago and already has been confirmed for a fourth season. If you haven’t finished the latest season of Sex Education yet (then you have a lot more restraint than us), don’t read any further! Slight spoilers for the season three finale ahead.

Season three ended with a bang and a lot of unanswered questions. What will become of Maeve and Otis now that she’s heading to America? Are Eric and Adam done for good, and is there a potential spark between Adam and Rahim? Who is the father of Jean’s baby if not Jakob? What will become of Moordale High?

It is unlikely that we’ll see season four anytime soon, but we are delighted with the news nonetheless. It may just give us enough time to get a certain school anthem out of our heads – if you know, you know.

Header image via Instagram/sexeducation

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