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29th Sep 2021

Glenisk have released a statement following factory fire

Fiona Frawley

A fire in Glenisk’s Tullamore manufacturing plant over the weekend caused serious damage, but the company are remaining optimistic.

Managing director of Glenisk Vincent Cleary spoke yesterday on RTE’s Morning Ireland about the factory being “pretty much a burnt out shell” following the blaze. However, he followed this by saying they’ll be working quickly to repair the damage and get back on supermarket shelves.

Last night on Instagram, the Glenisk team released a statement thanking everyone for their support, and responding to those asking how they could help after the fire.

They asked the public to “keep some space for us in your hearts (and fridges)“, and to support other local producers in the meantime. They also appealed for anyone in a position to make a small donation to Self Help Africa to do so: “We’re so close to reaching 2 million trees and we may not be able to get them over the line as we’d hoped“. According to Self Help Africa, their partnership with Glenisk over the past 18 months has allowed them to plant close to 1.7 million trees on the African continent.

They also speculate that while it’s been a bad weekend for Glenisk, it’s “much worse for others in the world“.

We look forward to seeing them back on fridges in supermarkets and homes across the country very soon.

Header image via Twitter/glenisk