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16th Dec 2021

You can now buy a tub of Celebrations without the Bountys

Fiona Frawley

a cartoon card in which a man holds a red sack full of bounty chocolates, beside this is a tub of celebration chocolates

I feel this one will divide a nation.

Love them or hate them, the mini Bountys in a tub of celebrations are a talking point every Christmas. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have someone in your household who guzzles them up every year, maybe you know all too well the struggle of expectantly opening the tub, only to discover a few empty wrappers and about 15 blue and white coconutty disappointments staring up at you. It never gets easier.

By the way, if you love Bounty, no disrespect and fair play to you. I’m sure you’re a well adjusted person and the fact that you like the worst chocolate in existence is no reflection on the way you live your life.

BUT, if you’re not a fan, we’ve got some exciting news. You can now buy a tub of Bounty free Celebrations to enjoy over the Christmas holidays while watching Harry Potter for the 85th time and wearing the same pair of pjs day and night for a week straight.

This special tub from Pal Pack comes gift wrapped with a Doug the Bounty Hunter card, and all Bountys lovingly removed with gloved hands in a clean environment.

Sadly, the last day to get your order in before Christmas has passed but if you’re anything like me, you’ll find a use for an aul tub of Bounty free Celebrations well into January and beyond.

Header image via Instagram/sendapalpack

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