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14th Nov 2018

VIDEO: Woman Being “Racist And Abusive” To Airline Staff Claimed To Be ‘Irish’ By Filmmaker

Darragh Berry

Video footage has been circulating online which shows a blonde haired woman being “racist and abusive” towards staff on an Air India flight.

The incident began when the woman was refused “extra drink” on the flight.

She was allegedly arrested upon landing.

Tarun Shukla, a journalist with The Economic Times Prime, posted the videos on his Twitter account.

Here, he claims that the woman in question is Irish. However, comments underneath the video argue that the woman “sounds like she has an English accent.”

The woman’s nationality has not yet been revealed.

An Air India flight attendant who was onboard is said to have “suffered bruises” after the incident.

The flight was going from Mumbai to London and took place on November 10th.

The woman can be heard saying to the flight attendant: “You can’t get me a f****** glass of wine?”

She continues: “Do I not have the right clothes on the be a rich f****** Indian money grabbing b******, is that f****** right?”

The 50-year-old has since been released. She was taken to a London police station but her nationality has not been confirmed as the investigation is still underway.

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