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29th Sep 2023

Bono says it would be ‘wonderful’ to see a United Ireland in his lifetime

Katy Thornton

“This pond is too small for a feud among frogs.”

Ahead of the start of U2’s residency at the new “state-of-the-art” Las Vegas venue The Sphere, Bono and The Edge have spoken about the possibility of a united Ireland.

With the Irish rock group known for their often socially conscious lyrics and activism, the pair were asked during an interview with Channel 4 News if they feel we are at a point when “unity is in reach”.

The Edge replied: “We wish,” before Bono added: “In any marital arrangement… you like to think that both parties would be attracted to each other.

“Indeed, falling in love would be great. We may not be there at the falling in love stage but we’re dating.

“And I think in the south, we have done an amazing job at transforming our society. It’s freer. It feels fair.

“It’s not fair enough. We’ve got an issue with housing. There’s problems in Ireland but I think we look more and more attractive [to Northern Ireland].”

Bono says seeing a united Ireland in his lifetime would be ‘wonderful’

The Edge then said: “I hate that, that the argument has shifted to power and sovereignty and whatever.

“John Hume had it right. It should be switched to community, reconciliation, finding common ground. United Ireland has to be united, not just imposed.”

The bandmates were then asked if they believe they will see a united Ireland in their lifetime and if it feels closer than it ever has.

Bono replied: “Oh, it could. Wouldn’t it be wonderful? This pond is too small for a feud among frogs”.

You can watch Channel 4 News’ report on U2 and the legendary Irish rock band’s shows at The Sphere below:

Meanwhile, the group have also released a new song on Friday (29 September) titled ‘Atomic City’.

This article originally appeared on JOE 

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