Burn Your Wardrobe – This Fluffy Hooded Body Blanket From Penneys Is All You Need To Survive This Autumn/Winter

According to Vogue...

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Autumn/Winter is a difficult time.

Irish weather is at its most bipolar and any exposed skin is at risk of being frostbitten. 

The struggle is real.

Luckily, however, Penneys have come to our rescue with this handy hooded body blanket.

It's lined with the softest of fluff, will cover your arse from the cold and is only 16 quid! Baaargain.

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It was found by Penneys blogger Style File and we are dying to get our hands on one!

Okay, so it's not actually in Vogue yet, but we give it a week before Kendall Jenner is wearing one on the cover. 

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