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20th Dec 2016

Cast Your Eyes To The Sky – The Moon Might Look VERY Strange Tonight

Alana Laverty

A rare lunar event, known as the ‘Black Moon’, is expected to occur in our skies tonight…

And it has quite the gloomy reputation. 

It is said, by Doomsday predictors, that the black moon will bring an end to the world as we know it. 


During a black moon the side of planet Earth’s natural satellite lit by the sun faces away from our plant, and as a result the moon appears dark, doom-y and gloomy in our night sky. 

The last black moon was present in March 2014 and we most likely won’t see another one until the summer of 2019. 

And rumour has it that some veryyyy strange things happen during a black moon. 


  • Increase in creativity
  • Shifts in gender identity
  • Appearances by the darker side of humanity – please, no

Let’s save the scary shit for Halloween, ok?

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