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11 Things That You Definitely Should Not Buy Before Christmas According To Experts

By Darragh Berry

December 7, 2019 at 4:39pm


We don't think logically when it comes to Christmas shopping, especially the closer it gets to the big day.

We frantically throw things into the trolley that we think we might need on Christmas Day, or we overbuy on other things that we can still get on Stephen's Day, like drink for example.

And when it comes to presents, we don't care what the price is, as long as it'll make the person receiving it happy, it goes into the cart.

But there is a lot of things that you really shouldn't buy before Christmas if you can avoid it at all.

These are the items that you should leave buying until after the 25th of December according to the experts:

Christmas Decorations:

This is so obvious but very few of us will stock up on decorations once the big day is over. But, jokes on you because according to Money Manifesto, if you are to buy decorations, cards, wrapping paper or any Christmas crackers after the 25th, you could save over 50%.

We're still going to buy it beforehand though because we have NOTHING...

Electrical goods:

Apparently the best time to look for big things such as home appliances, HDTV's & 3D printers to something as small as headphones or a set of batteries is the second week of January.

TV's in general are said to drop by as much as 6% around January/February time.

However, this does not include smartphones and the likes, they are more likely to be cheaper towards the middle of spring.


The best time to buy someone a car is before Christmas, especially a new-ish enough one.

Why is this? Well according to Streetdirectory, dealers have end of month and end of year quotas to reach towards the end of December.

As well as this, they'll be trying their best to clear this year's models in order to make for the brand new cars.

So, you might be able to haggle a bit more than usual.

Sports and Fitness Equipment:

What's the resolution that nearly everybody makes for January? Well, gym and fitness retailers see this trend and as demand grows, price drops massively.

Livestrong say that you could bag yourself equipment for almost half the price of what it's worth in that little gap between 26th December and the first week of January.


This goes without saying. Stores could be flagging discounts of up to as much as 75% off in Ireland after Christmas Day.

That's if you've any money left after the madness of the 21st to the 26th.

Video Games:

People will have traded-in Games before Christmas in order to gain some extra moola and as well as this, new titles such as 'Fifa' will be discounted after demand calms down since its October release.

Home Furniture:

Manufacturers are most likely to release their new collections in February meaning that people will get rid of their unwanted couches, seats, and tables in the new year. So second hand furniture shops are great places to have a gawk in around then.

Also, Payoff states that home sales see an increase in springtime meaning that furniture retailers will be eager to help people furnish their homes quickly.

Similar to the fitness equipment, when demand is high, price goes down. So, if you're looking for brand-new furniture, April is your best bet but if you don't mind buying second-hand, January is the job.


January is going to be quiet for sellers and they'll be solely relying on Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Prices will go back up in late Jan and February for Valentine's Day so early January is a sweet-spot for necklaces, bracelets and rings.


Retailers will be throwing calendars at you by the end of January. If you can survive not knowing what the day or date is until January 20th, you could get as much as 75% your calendar for this year.


Like us, retailers buy massive amounts of drink to sell on for Christmas. It's better to be looking at it than looking for it so more than likely, retailers will have lots of Christmas stock still in stores that they'll be looking to shift before the new delivery of drink arrives.

This means discounted bottles and cans, happy days.


According to RetailMeNot, Linens, including sheets, towels and blankets are extremely cheap in January.

They say that: “There should be a nice selection of high-end linens left. January is historically when you’ll find retailers offering their ‘white sales.’ Retailers often slash prices in order to make room for spring merchandise and styles."

We know you're going to ignore us and do your own thing anyway...feck ye.

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