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11th Aug 2023

American owner of Conor Pass would like to see it transformed into national park

Fiona Frawley

Conor Pass owner

Owner Mike Noonan has said he would like the Government to buy the famous site.

The Conor Pass made headlines last week, and this time not because there was a lorry stuck on it. The iconic Kerry landmark has been put up for sale with a €10mil price tag, and after much speculation and several Bull McCabe-inspired memes, the owner has said he’d like the Government to buy the site and turn it into a national park.

Chicago-native Mike Noonan, whose grandparents are from Galbally in Limerick told the Examiner he believes the €10mil asking price is “not too great” when taking the Government’s budget and capital gains tax (33%) into account.

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“We have a good offer from somebody in Ireland that works in the environmental ecosystem, but I’d like to see the Government get a hold of it, that’s really my mission.

“If he (Taoiseach Leo Varadkar) takes his 33% tax off he’s still getting a really good deal… There’s just so much they could use as an educational tool for the public and as a National Park, they can show the diversity of land that hasn’t really been touched”.

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The Conor Pass is one of the highest mountain passes in Ireland, and is known for its twisting turns and dramatic views of corrie lakes, glaciated mountainsides and sweeping valleys. Owner Mr Noonan has also spoken about the site’s diverse ecosystem, which is rich in wildlife including a salmon stream containing old mussels.

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