Derry Girls get a nod in the latest Simpsons episode

By Emily Mullen

March 21, 2022 at 4:36pm


The Derry Girls have made it to the big yellow cartoon screen and series creator, Lisa McGee is suitably buzzed about it

Channel 4's hit show Derry Girls have made it to the big time, with a feature on one of the world's most prominent shows, The Simpsons.

The reference comes in the latest episode of the iconic American sitcom when Homer takes Santa's Little Helper to an ice-cream parlour called Dairy Girls Ice Cream.

The Simpsons Executive Producer Matt Selman confirmed that the name of this Springfield shopfront is a reference to Derry Girls.

The Derry Girl's creator Lisa McGee was suitably delighted about the news, tweeting "I. Am. Dead", with Selman writing, "It's the least we could do!" in response on Sunday, March 20.

This news comes as Derry Girls Season Three trailer finally aired on St. Patrick's Day on Channel 4. The return of the series has been long-awaited (2 years, 7 months, and 1 global pandemic) but the trailer features Nicola Coughlan, Saoirse-Monica Jackson, Louisa Harland, Dylan Llewellyn and  Jamie-Lee O’Donnell looks to be worth the wait.



The trailer gives little away in terms of plotlines (are we going to get a romance between Erin and James, or were they really just teasing us with that one??) but it does tell us a few things. Sister Michael is still super sarcastic, Clare is still on the constant verge of a panic attack, Michelle is still winding James up, and Orla is as ditsy and lovable as ever. Oh, and everyone is still giving Gerry a hard time.

As yet there has been no announcement about the date of the Derry Girls' return, but as Sister Michael says when it comes to waiting around, "Just try to enjoy what time you've left, girls". Sob!

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