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19th Aug 2020

‘Designed to confuse’ – Latest Covid update receives mixed reaction

Megan Cassidy

‘I’m cancelling a garden bbq for family for a christening… but could book a spot in a bar for us?’

The latest set of Covid restrictions were announced last night, and many found the updated guidelines rather difficult to swallow whole.

The new restrictions come after a number of Covid 19 outbursts around the country and a significant spike in cases.

While there is still a lot to be uncovered about the nature of the virus, one thing we do know is that the more people in close proximity to each other, the higher the chance of transmission.

Some of the restrictions announced by An Taoiseach Micheál Martin yesterday evening at the Government Press Centre include:

  • Indoor events reduced to a maximum of six people, including exercise classes
  • Outdoor gatherings reduced to a maximum of fifteen people
  • Exemptions to the above include weddings which can have up to fifty people, and shops and restaurants
  • The public is advised to avoid public transport
  • All sporting events will take place behind closed doors

The new guidelines are in place until September 13, and have been met with a mixed reaction from the public.

Kevin Doyle, journalist at tweeted:

‘So we can… – Go to Mass but not meetings. – Play football but not watch it. – Eat in pubs but not have Sunday lunch with parents & siblings. – Attend a wedding with strangers but not have a BBQ with neighbours. – Send the kids to school but not go to work.’

Many echoed the sentiment, with some scenarios looking rather like maths problems. One tweeter wrote:

‘Have family dinner booked in hotel this Saturday—three households (two live beside each other), ten people—can’t work out if the new restrictions mean we shouldn’t go ahead. Can we proceed, with maybe space between two tables?’

The Government is hoping to finalise a ‘roadmap for resilience and recovery’ before September 13, in which the public will be told how Ireland’s economy can remain open while suppressing the virus.

Lead image via Shutterstock/Government Buildings Dublin