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15th Mar 2018

Donald Trump Says He May Visit Ireland In 2019 In Meeting With Taoiseach

Darragh Berry

President Trump has told Taoiseach Leo Varadkar that he might visit Ireland before he runs again in the US Presidential Election next year.

The Irish Independent reports that Trump said to the Taoiseach that he would “love it” if a trip was made possible.

The comments came in the Oval office before the 40-minute meeting between the US and Ireland.

About the trip to Ireland, Trump said: “I will, I love it, I have property there and I may never get to see it again,” before asking Varadkar if he plays golf.

“No, but I’m always willing to learn so we can take you for a few rounds,” Varadkar replys quickly.

In the meeting, the pair are set to talk about trade issues, undocumented Irish in America, and the future of Ireland and America’s working partnership.

Main Image via Embassy of Ireland USA Twitter.

Leo Varadkar said earlier in the week that Enda Kenny’s invitation for Trump to visit Ireland still stood.

However, when the invitation was initially sent by Kenny, Varadkar stated that he would not invite Trump to Ireland if it was his decision.

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