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01st Sep 2018

Dublin and Belfast Could Very Well Be In Different TIMEZONES After Brexit

Megan Cassidy

Over a year later, it’s become abundantly clear that the whole Brexit thing wasn’t thought through.

There are countless variables of what could possibly go wrong after the UK leave the EU, but we hadn’t thought of this one.

It turns out that Dublin and Belfast could very easily be in different TIMEZONES after Brexit, if a new proposal from the EU Commission is approved.

The proposal sets out to abolish European time-saving measures, meaning that there will be no switching the clock from summertime to wintertime in the Spring and Autumn going forward.

Instead of moving the clocks forward or backwards an hour, each member state will be allowed to choose which time they want to operate on, and stick with that.

The proposal comes after a survey found 84 percent of 4.6 million citizens across the EU’s 28 member states opposed changing the clocks ahead in the summer or back in the winter or just opposed switching either way, according to Reuters.

Should the UK decide to keep the clock change, the clock in Northern Ireland would continue to move forward an hour in March and back an hour in October, meaning that for half of the year, the North and South would be an hour apart.

The DUPs’ Sammy Wilson said the ‘time border’ was “just further proof, as if it were needed, that Brussels is bonkers. It wouldn’t just be a time border, it would be a ticking time bomb under the proposed backstop arrangements which are contested.”

He added: “It’s another reason why Theresa May should be putting it up to the EU that there will be no backstop. The Irish government can put the clocks back, or forward, whatever they like. That’s up to them. But we in Northern Ireland will have the same time zone, the same rules, the same customs arrangements and same regulations as the rest of the UK. That’s the bottom line for us.”

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