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14th Mar 2018

England Rugby Coach Eddie Jones Speaks Out Following “Scummy Irish” Quote

Darragh Berry

With just a few days to go until Ireland’s Grand Slam winning game against England, a video has appeared on line where England coach Eddie Jones says that the Irish are “scummy” and that England will “get them back” for inflicting defeat on them in 2017, breaking their unbeaten run. 

The video – which you can find here – also sees the head coach calling Wales “a little shit place.”

Since the footage has emerged on Wednesday evening, both Jones and the English Rugby Union have spoke about the incident and have apologised.

Jones apologised “unreservedly for any offence caused – no excuses and I shouldn’t have said what I did. I’m very sorry.”

While, the English Rugby Union (RFU) confirmed that “Eddie has apologised for his inappropriate remarks, and the RFU is also very sorry for any offence caused and will apologise to the IRFU (Irish Rugby) & WRU (Welsh Rugby).”

We have a feeling that this could linger on until the game on Saturday. Will there be any budge from the IRFU or any Irish players? Only time will tell.

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