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07th Jan 2022

“Every single item has been increased” Donegal restaurant owner notes the price increase in supplies

Katy Thornton

It seems like everything is just going way up in price these days.

Alcohol isn’t the only commodity going up in price. This week saw the minimum unit price for alcohol increase in a bid to control consumption levels in Ireland. Many have spoken out against this decision, which came to pass on Tuesday.

But it would seem there are more price increases than for just alcoholic beverages. Mairéad Ó Hagan Anderson, owner of Killybegs Seafood Shack and Anderson’s Boat Restaurant, took to Twitter to vent her frustrations.

The tweet reads as follows:

Just got a price increase update from our main supplier today. I hate moaning about things but every single item has been increased. We are forced to go back to takeaways because of 8pm closing to keep staff in jobs. Which means meals selling for less with added packaging costs.”

Anderson wasn’t the only person to note the increase in supply costs. A fellow chef responded to the tweet and echoed her sentiment. He stated: “the inflation is too much for businesses to absorb.”

Kaph, a Dublin based café also responded to Anderson, stating there seemed to be “10% increases on average.

Yeats County Inn in Sligo predicted there would be “difficult months ahead.

After a difficult two years, with the pandemic, and the effect its had on employment and hospitality, we truly feel for businesses out there struggling to keep afloat in the face of rising supply costs, on top of everything else.

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