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20th Sep 2021

Everything you need to know about the restrictions being listed today

Fiona Frawley

This morning saw office workers across the country packing lunches, rummaging for leap cards and taking deep breaths as they mentally prepared themselves for the revival of canteen banter.

As well as a staggered return to the office for some workers, a number of other changes to restrictions came into place this morning.

Here’s every restriction that’s been lifted today:

  • Indoor group activities such as sports, art and dance classes can take place for up to 200 people provided everyone has been fully vaccinated or has recovered from COVID in the last six months. Otherwise, pods of up to 6 are allowed with the number of pods permitted depending on the size of the venue.
  • Outdoor group activities can take place without restrictions. This does not include attendance at organised events such as matches or concerts.
  • In person attendance at offices and other workplaces can return on a staggered basis.

From 22nd of October, most of the remaining restrictions currently in place will be lifted. We’ll see a reopening of nightclubs, no restrictions for attendance at weddings, religious ceremonies and other organising events and mask wearing will no longer be mandatory, except for on public transport, in shops and in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

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