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21st Jan 2022

Irish Twitter reacts to NPHET’s latest advice

Fiona Frawley

A tweet from Darren Conway reading "NPHET have suggested to open Xtra Vision" on a purple background

The torch bearers of Irish Twitter have had almost two years to come up with the perfect hot take in response to The Reopening Of Everything, and they haven’t disappointed.

From calls for the return of the Irish Rail snack trolley to requests that we all officially return to the age we were in March 2020 (essential), Twitter has been abuzz with iconic responses to NPHET’s latest advice since it broke last night. Here’s a round up of some of our faves.

As per usual, Darren Conway is on the ball, getting to the heart of what NPHET’s advice truly means for our country.

If anything, I think we should be allowed to revert to a year younger than we were when the pandemic started, as a treat.

If there’s a god, this one will come true.

A moment of silence for Pint Man, whose world has changed significantly since March 2020.

Gorgeous gorgeous girls successfully manifest a mass easing of restrictions.

Read the room, Micheál.

From Tiger King to Wordle, all Covid-related phases must come to an end eventually.

It’s simply not an Irish Twitter craze until TG4 enters the chat.

These are the questions we need answers too.

Keep doing what you’re doing, Irish Twitter. You’ve seen the nation through some tough spots, and we’re forever grateful.

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