Here Are The Most And Least Expensive Counties In Ireland To Rent In 2018

Rent in the capital is now MORE expensive than it was in the Celtic Tiger.

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We all know where we're going to be moving to. 

The cost of renting in Ireland has risen by around 10% by the end of 2017 which is an all time high according to

The average monthly rent nationwide at the end of 2017 was just over €1,200 and Dublin recorded rent hikes of almost €400 compared to the peak of the Celtic Tiger. 

The Most Expensive places to rent on average in Ireland at the moment per month are: 

  1. South Dublin County (€1,995), South Dublin City (€1,939), Central Dublin City (€1,869) and North Dublin City (€1,709)
  2. Wicklow (€1,256)
  3. Kildare (€1,212)
  4. Meath (€1,171)

The least expensive places to rent nationwide at the moment per month are: 

  1. Leitrim (€542)
  2. Donegal (€599)
  3. Longford (€605) 
  4. Roscommon (€625)

The prices are also broken down into average rent prices nationwide county by county depending on type of house as shown below.

Map Report 1
Map Report 2
Map Report 3
Map Report 4

You can find the full report here.

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