Here Are The Top 10 Excuses Irish People Use To Avoid A Night Out

How many have you used?

Girls Night Out

It would seem that we’re the only ones around here who’ll avoid nights out like the plague.

According to research by Deliveroo, which surveyed 2,000 people, more than 70% prefer a quiet night over an evening on the lash.

It stated that 49% would much rather throw on Netflix than going out in public to meet their mates. I mean, who needs that kind of effort in their lives?

To avoid dreaded nights out on the town, here were the top excuses put forward.

10. Mobile isn’t working (when it's actually just turned off) (2%)

Breaking Phone

9. Fell asleep by accident (2%)

Pretending To Sleep

8. A family emergency (5%)

Fake Tears

7. Having to work late (7%)

A Lot To Do

6. Needing to get up early the following day (9%)

Let Me Sleep

5. Telling the truth and saying you don’t want to go (8%)

No Thank You Please

4. Needing to look after family members, including pets (13%)

Baby Minding

3. Illness (13%)

Im Sick

2. Simply saying "I can’t come" (16%)

Not Even Sorry

1. Other plans (17%)

Super Busy

What's your favourite excuse? Let us know in the comments.

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