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15th Aug 2018

PIC: New Irish President Candidate Has Some Bizarre Main Policies

Darragh Berry

For ages, we thought that Michael D would be uncontested in the upcoming presidential election but each week, more and more contenders are coming to the floor to take Higgins’ place at the Aras.

They want to take the Aras, they want to take that Aras bad.

Anyway, Group Political Correspondent for Communicorp, Sean Defoe, admitted on Twitter on Tuesday night that Carlow County Council have had a request to nominate a ‘Candidate X’ for President.

The person has refused to give their name and when you see some of their policies, you can understand why.

Their two main ones are:

1 – Close every mosque in the county

2 – A commitment to go over to 10 Downing St. and ask for the six counties back

Some of the smaller policies include:

  • A tax on people who pay for porn
  • A cyber dating tax
  • EIREXIT and bring back the punt
  • Abolish the Seanad

Andddd, they also want to bring in a ‘Kingdom of Ireland’ flag which looks like this:

Would you vote for Pres. X? Let us know in the comments please.

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