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07th Nov 2022

Irish Rail introduce a ‘quiet carriage’ for certain train services

Katy Thornton

irish rail quiet carriage

If only this had existed during the Cáca Milis era… perhaps Paul would still be with us.

And if you don’t know what Cáca Milis is, get to know (although apologies, bit of a spoiler above). I’ll leave the YouTube link below for all the uncultured people who were not subjected to watching this 18 minute short Irish film during Seachtain na Gaeilge in secondary school.

Anyway, we’re getting (slightly) off topic. Irish Rail have introduced a quiet carriage on their service from Dublin Heuston to Cork. Coach G is now for those with sensory issues, and anyone else who wants some peace and quiet on their journey.

These quiet services begin from today, Monday 7th November, and you can find all the participating routes and times HERE. According to the Irish Rail website,

The quieter carriage is being reintroduced both to improve services for customers with sensory issues, and to provide choice to all customers, following public feedback.

Essentially anyone who would prefer a quieter train journey can avail of this carriage by booking online, while seats last.

A spokesperson for Iarnród Éireann said:

“We are delighted to bring back the option of a quieter carriage on our Heuston to Cork services. 

“This quieter carriage will not only be popular with those who have sensory challenges, but also for those who wish to relax and enjoy their journey without excessive use of mobile phones or other devices, or who may have some work to do, which requires quietness. 

Having trialled quieter carriages in the past, the addition on its reintroduction of clear branding during online booking, and on the train itself, means the choice for customers will be clear, and where quieter carriages are on operation will be well signalled for all.”

Here’s hoping Irish Rail introduce this quiet carriage across the board.

Header image via Twitter/IrishRail

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