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28th Sep 2023

Irish Sky News reporter channels his inner Teresa Mannion while covering Storm Agnes

Katy Thornton

We’ve no doubt Teresa was his inspiration.

Despite it being over seven years since Storm Desmond, Irish broadcaster and journalist Teresa Mannion’s coverage of the event still lingers in the collective psyche.

This is to such a great extent that Sky News’ coverage of Storm Agnes’ arrival in Ireland drew immediate comparisons to the viral clip from 2015.

On Wednesday (27 September), the outlet’s correspondent for Ireland Stephen Murphy braved the strong winds and heavy rain to report from Tramore in Waterford.

Asked by Sky News presenter Kay Burley what the weather was like in the Irish county, the soaked Murphy responded sarcastically: “Welcome to the sunny south-east of Ireland.”

He added: “It’s pretty bad here. It has intensified a great deal over the last hour so and this isn’t even the worst of it.

“We’re not expecting the worst of Storm Agnes to hit southern parts of Ireland here until the mid-afternoon or so.”

Recalling Mannion, he also said: “The Gardaí, the police service here in Ireland, as well as the coastal authorities are urging people really to try and avoid any sort of unnecessary sort of journeys over the next few hours.”

Irish reporter for Sky being compared to Teresa Mannion thanks to Storm Agnes coverage

Around an hour or two later, Murphy was asked by another Sky News presenter if conditions had “calmed down” at all.

In response, the Irish correspondent answered: “No, not really. It’s sort of maintained. We’re hearing that there have been gusts reported of up to 100 km/h in County Cork.”

While explaining the various weather warnings issued by Met Éireann, Murphy’s microphone was unable to withstand the storm and malfunctioned, making the Irish correspondent barely audible.

Posting the footage to its Twitter, Sky News wrote: “Sky’s Stephen Murphy tries valiantly to report from Ireland as Storm Agnes moves in, but the heavy rain and high wind is too much for the equipment.”

This article originally appeared on JOE 

Header image via Instagram / Teresa Mannion & Twitter / Sky News


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