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31st Oct 2018

PIC: The Writing On This Irish Tombstone Will Freak You The Eff Out This Halloween

Darragh Berry

For those of you who get spooked out easily, you’re going to probably x out of this photo immediately and then spend the rest of the week thinking about it.

A graveyard is probably the scariest place to be on any given night, especially on Halloween night.

And when one of the tombstone says that one of the corpses has risen before and had to be buried again, that’s enough to make you shit the togs.

This was spotted at a cemetery in Armagh.

Irish Tombstone 1

Credit: Reddit ‘clontarfbohs’

“Lived Once, Buried Twice” it says on Margorie McCall’s tombstone.

We wonder will she have to be buried for a third time after tonight…

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