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31st Oct 2018

Five Massive Scarves That Are Perfect For The Baltic Weather We’re Having


Anyone else feel the extra nip in the air in the last couple of days?

If you’re saying no and have yet to don a scarf in the mornings or evenings, then feck off you odd creature, because this is for those people who do not have a super human circulatory system.

Yes, scarf season is definitely upon so feast your eyes on these lovelies that will help you get through the next five or so months.

It’s gonna be a long ass winter…

1. Asos Oversized Scarf


Asos Scarf

2. Zara Soft Fringed Scarf


Zara Scarf

3. Asos Weekday Puffer Scarf


Introducing the snuvet….

Asos Scarf 2

4. New Look Multicoloured Scarf


New Look Scarf

5. The Couple Scarf


…for the couple who can’t bear to be apart.

Asos Scarf 3

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