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21st Jun 2023

Thunderstorms to ease and temperatures to reach up to 25C this weekend

Fiona Frawley

Weather Ireland this weekend

Beach day on Saturday so it is…

Irish weather is set to see a major 180 this weekend as we could see the return of high temperatures, reaching up to 25C.

With heatwave highs set to return as the weekend arrives, Met Éireann has said there will be “unsettled conditions” for the rest of the week before the good weather returns.

According to Alan O’Reilly, who runs Carlow Weather, there will be “huge uncertainty” over the coming days.

He said on Twitter: “Latest charts show a rollercoaster of temperatures but huge uncertainty for the weekend and next week.”

Met Éireann has now said that today will see sunny spells and scattered showers develop and become more widespread this afternoon, with some thunderstorms possible.

Irish weather temperatures could reach 25C this weekend. Credit: Getty

The evening will see these showers be confined to Munster and Leinster with highest temperatures of 18C to 22C.

Thursday is then set to see mostly dry weather despite a few scattered showers, with highs of 19C to 23C.

Friday is back to the weather we’ve been seeing over the last few days, with heavy rain possible at time but some brighter intervals will also develop.

Highest temperatures for Friday will be 19C to 23C, with spells of rain again overnight before they ease up on Saturday.

While there will be some rain heading our way on Saturday, temperatures are set to reach highs of 20C to 25C, and thankfully there will be some fresh southerly winds.

As for Sunday, it’s going to cool off but sunshine will remain with temperatures of 15C to 19C.

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