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23rd Oct 2017

Jobs Offering Cool Office Perks Are On The Rise


It seems ‘office perks’ like beer and ping pong tables are now the norm. 

So much so, that jobs with such perks have risen by 6% in the first to third quarter of this year compared to last year.

The latest figures have shown that pet friendly office spaces, free beers, coffee, and yoga have become a lot more common among Irish employers who hope to boost the morale of their team.

There has been a 135% increase compared to 2012, proving that little day-to-day perks for workers are the hot thing right now when people are scoping for employment.

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General Manager of, Christopher Paye, said that the figures show that companies are starting to put people at the heart of their businesses.

He said, “Professionals are free to shop around for the best employment package, and on-the-job perks can help to sway them one way or the other.

“Many Irish companies are prioritising their employees’ happiness by providing catered meals, gym membership and team bonding events. Some companies have taken it a step further and introduced quirkier perks, like free beer fridges, on-site massages, music rooms, yoga classes, and a ‘dogs welcome’ policy. 

“This helps to grow a strong employer brand.” 

We couldn’t agree more. 

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