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03rd Nov 2017

Jobseekers Encouraged To Seek Temporary Christmas Work


Employment Minister Regina Doherty has encouraged people on Jobseeker’s Allowance or Benefit to take up Christmas work. 

People on the dole can work up to 12 weeks without losing their entitlements, with their social welfare payments starting again as soon as the job is over. 

“Once the jobseeker informs their local social welfare office before they commence the temporary work, their claim will continue without any delay afterwards,” she said. 

Doherty added that companies with work available should try to hire people on the Live Register, The Journal reports.

“If you have temporary work available during the coming weeks over the Christmas and New Year season, be it in the hotel, catering, retail or other industries, I urge you to contact the Department’s Intreo service in your area where my officials will help you recruit temporary staff that best suit the roles on offer,” she said. 

Live register figures in Ireland now sit at 6%. 

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