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05th Feb 2019

“He Deserves A Medal” – Former Footballer John Barnes Launches Passionate Defence Of Liam Neeson After Recent Controversy

James Fenton

Former footballer John Barnes has leapt to the defence of Liam Neeson by delivering a passionate speech about the racism controversy the actor has become embroiled in.

Neeson’s comments on wanting to “kill a black person” after the rape of a friend have been widely condemned in recent days with the Antrim man attempting to clarify them on television earlier today.

Appearing on Sky News, Barnes, who was the victim of numerous racist incidents throughout his football career, said that Neeson “deserves a medal” for his honest take on how he felt at the time and the fact that he quickly realised he was wrong.

Barnes went on to compare the situation to Winston Churchill, calling the former British Prime Minister a “white supremacist and a mass murderer.”

A clip of Barnes’ defence of Neeson can be seen in the below post.

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