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05th Dec 2023

Knock Airport install new security tech to avoid the need to remove liquids from bags

Katy Thornton

knock airport tech

Removing some of the stress of flying.

Anyone who has the luxury of flying regularly knows that one of the less pleasant parts of air travel is the journey through the airport beforehand. The heart-stopping moment of weighing your bag before check-in, the stomping through the throng of others travelling, and worst of all, the pain that is going through airport security.

The major difficulty here is having to remove all your electronics and liquids – which as someone who does not travel light when it comes to cosmetics, is always a joy – and even if you’re a well versed traveller, let’s be honest, there’s always someone who acts as if they have never gone through airport security in their life (serious first world problems, I know).

Well, good news if you’re someone who frequents Knock Airport, as they have officially made the trip through security much easier.

They took to socials to let passengers know that this new security tech is now fully operational throughout the airport, which eliminates the need to remove liquids and items like laptops, tablets, and other electronics from their cabin baggage.

“With the installation of these new machines, the restriction on liquids of more than 100ml no longer applies, and passengers can travel with larger quantities of liquids if they fit into a cabin bag. In addition, electrical items such as laptops and tablets no longer have to be separately screened and can remain in cabin bags, which will come as welcome news for passengers using the airport.”

This style of technology has been rolled out in Dublin Airport, and is currently being trialled at certain security lanes.

Header images via Twitter & Instagram / Ireland West Airport Knock 


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