Man Found Guilty Of Selling Industrial Bleach Instead Of 'Cure' For Ailments

The man was found guilty on both counts and fined a total of €4,000

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A man has been found guilty of manufacturing and marketing a 'miracle cure', which was actually extremely toxic industrial bleach.

Patrick Merlehan, from Co Kildare appeared before Naas District Court recently. 

He was charged with manufacturing and marketing a product knows as MMS or Miracle Mineral Solution, which he claimed could cure a range of conditions from HIV to cancer to malaria and finally autism, at his home on 6 November 2014.

Expert witnesses gave evidence that the solution was a form of industrial bleach and would be dangerously toxic if ingested by people.

During the hearing, Merlehan declared that he was a man and proposed to launch a counter claim. He asked everyone in the court if they knew of an injury he had done to him before collecting his belongings and leaving.

Judge Alan Mitchell found the man guilty on both counts and fined him a total of €4,000.

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