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Met Éireann Warns Of ‘Bitterly Cold’ Weather Ahead With ‘Significant Accumulations’ Of Snow

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Met Éireann is forecasting very cold conditions all the way through to Sunday with significant accumulations of snow in some areas.

Some parts of the country are already feeling the effects with a number of warnings in place for people to be careful on icy paths and roads.

Things might feel cold already but it looks like it’ll be Thursday before the really bad weather kicks in. The experts are predicting a ‘cold and increasingly windy’ day with ‘significant accumulations’ of snow on Thursday night along with lows of minus five degrees.

Friday will bring more wintry showers before a ‘bitterly cold’ night on Saturday with lows of minus three to minus five as well as ‘severe frost’.

It sounds like we’re in for a bumpy ride to say the least. A more detailed outlook can be found here.

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