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12th Dec 2023

Met Éireann predicts likelihood of having a White Christmas in Ireland this year

Katy Thornton

Jack Frost may be settling in for December 25th.

Met Éireann‘s weather predictions for Ireland have suggested that a White Christmas may be in store for some.

Over the last few weeks, Ireland has experienced a wave of unsettled weather conditions, including two back-to-back storms over the weekend and a localised tornado in Leitrim.

While conditions are predicted to settle over the coming days – with things becoming milder, drier, and with below-average rainfall – the state meteorological service has also forecasted a major U-turn in our weather is coming.

These insights indicate that we may be in for snow.

Met Éireann has provided an extended range forecast for the next several weeks, however, it’s important to note that ‘they should not be used for specific planning purposes as they have generally low skill compared with the 10-day forecast’.

“This is because forecasts beyond one week become increasingly uncertain due to the chaotic nature of the atmosphere,” the forecaster explains.

Monday, December 11th – Sunday, December 17th

This week will continue to bring to low pressure, however, mid-week will see high pressure becoming more prominent.

The remainder of the week will be largely dry, with lower-than-average rainfall after a wet start to the week.

It will get a little cooler from midweek, with the chance of some frost on its way before becoming milder again with temperatures rising to a little above average.

Monday, December 18th – Sunday, December 24th

High pressure will continue to dominate next week, bringing the possibility of drier-than-average weather conditions.

It it predicted that general temperatures will be normal for the time of year, with some frost anticipated.

Some fog and light winds are also forecasted for next week.

Monday, December 25th – Sunday, December 31st

During the week of Christmas, Met Éireann’s confidence decreases as they forecast high pressure that will bring the possibility of frost and fog.

It also is likely this will bring more unsettled weather.

It is, however, expected to be drier-than-average and we may experience temperatures that are typical for the time of year.

Monday, January 1st – Sunday, January 7th

Met Éireann’s confidence decrease further in the first week of 2024 as predictions suggest low pressure that will bring wet and windy spells.

Although, it does appear that it will be a milder-than-average start to the New Year.

The heaviest of the rainfall is forecasted to be in western parts of Ireland, with above-average levels of rain expected in these areas.

The east of Ireland may experience drier spells in comparison.

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