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30th Aug 2018

Mysterious Deaths Of 11 Whales Along Irish Coast Spark Government Investigation

Kiara Keane

A number of unexplained whale deaths along the Irish and Scottish coasts have raised serious concerns from the government.

So far 11 whales have been found beached – six from Galway, Donegal, Sligo and Mayo were recently discovered on the Scottish coast in a mass stranding.

The beached whales often die from drowning when the tide washes over their blowhole, or from dehydration.

Beached Whales Ireland

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation charity also voiced their concern over the phenomenon and suggested military activity could be to blame. The Royal Navy has denied any involvement.

Policy Manager Sarah Dolman told The Irish Mirror: “Something appears to be happening offshore that is killing these whales and causing them to come ashore.

“It is important to find out as much as possible even though their bodies are very decomposed and there are no post-mortem results.”

She added: “We believe this to be one event and we would like to see the UK and Irish governments work together to investigate this ‘collective’ event.”

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