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18th Nov 2018

PIC: Headline In This Morning’s New Zealand Paper Is Simple, Gracious And Very Special For Ireland

Darragh Berry

New Zealand are a great side. There’s a reason why they are respected so highly and that’s because they are respectful to their opposition when they win and gracious in defeat when they lose.

Management and players alike admitted last night in post-match interviews that they were beaten by a better side.

A side that they fear may go on and do something special at next year’s World Cup.

A side that are coming very close to becoming the number one team in the world after that historic first win on Irish soil against the All Blacks.

And while the New Zealand team showered the Ireland lads with praise, the papers are no different either.

One headline that stood out this morning comes from New Zealand Herald.

Their headline is simple.

It admits defeat but it’s who they say that they’re admitting defeat to that makes the words all the sweeter.

“All Blacks beaten by the best team in the world” They also add that Ireland have reached “world supremacy” after beating the All Blacks in the Aviva.

We don’t think we’d ever get sick of seeing this.

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