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28th Oct 2017

Newstalk Presenter Claims There Is An ‘Irish Harvey Weinstein’ Working In The Media Here

James Fenton

Newstalk presenter Dr. Ciara Kelly has claimed in a series of tweets that there is an ‘Irish Harvey Weinstein’ operating in the media here. 

This morning, the newly-appointed ‘Lunchtime Live’ host sent this original tweet which claims that someone she knows was raped by the man 40 years ago:

This was followed up by a number of other tweets which tell of a series of other alleged incidents involving the unknown figure.

Dr. Kelly also suggested that the same person has in the past plagued her with abusive late-night texts. 

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A number of women in the movie industry have come out in recent weeks to accuse film producer Harvey Weinstein of rape and sexual abuse over the years. 

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